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Sketchnote Workshop August 2022: Visual Thinking for Clarity, Communication and Problem Solving

Tanmay Vora ✍
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The challenge of our times:

• Our world is getting more and more complex
• Information overload is real, sense-making is hard.
• Customers have too much of information, too little attention
• Businesses and concepts are too textual and abstract

Visual Thinking is...

... a way to use simple visuals to make sense of insights, generate ideas and explain concepts.

During this online workshop, you will:

understand the power of visual thinking in business and culture
reconnect with your visual vocabulary and learn the language of visual metaphors to express through draw-along thinking exercises
learn to harness visual thinking for your business to communicate, ideate, innovate and learn (problem solving)
use basic drawing techniques to represent ideas effectively


• 26th Aug 2022 (Friday)
• 7:00 PM India (IST) - Use the timezone converter to check the time in your timezone.
• Mode: Online cohort of global participants via Zoom.
Important note: This is an online workshop conducted with a cohort of participants. Once you purchase the workshop ticket here, we will share the calendar invitation to the workshop separately ONE WEEK before the event on your registered email address.

Who is it for?

The workshop is designed for anyone who needs to come up with ideas, collaborate with others and communicate clearly with others. More specifically,

Entrepreneurs (to come up with and communicate strategies, vision and values)
Business Leaders and Managers (for execution planning and communicating the goals, processes and plans)
Teams (for planning, ideation, collaboration and retrospection)
Content Creators and Authors (for effectively expressing content and emotions behind their messages)
Coaches and Mentors (to visualize possibilities)
Teachers and Trainers (to gain better visual tools for imparting knowledge)
Students and Learners (who want better ways of learning)


• 2.5 hours with a few creative breaks

Other Requirements

  • The workshop is immersive, requiring you to draw along as well as think along. Therefore, it is preferable that you are stationary on a desk.
  • You will need sketchpad or blank papers to draw along.
  • Please bring some black gel/felt-tip pens, some highlighters and lots of imagination along.

What Participants Say About the Workshop:

We have visually empowered more than 1000 participants so far through online as well as institutional workshop sessions with 95% participants rating the workshop as "Excellent" and 5% participants rating the workshop as "Very Good".

"The workshop was well paced with insight to how to start and then follow the path to acquire the skill. Will thoroughly recommend the workshop to anybody who would like to explore this valuable art of communication"

"Excellent course delivered impeccably. Relevant content, clear flow from concept to hands-on training."

"Really well paced workshop - appreciated the active nature of the session"

"Thoroughly enjoyed and inspired by Tanmay's visual thinking workshop. Taken through the process in a staged way over two hours showing that you don't need to know how to draw in order to have a go at sketchnoting."

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"The workshop takes you through the basics of visual thinking in a step by step manner from basic shapes to visual metaphors, to use of words and lettering and finally structuring and organizing your ideas - making the learning so much fun.  Highly recommended workshop for any one interested to capture ideas visually.

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Sketchnote Workshop August 2022: Visual Thinking for Clarity, Communication and Problem Solving

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